Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Is It Government Secrecy Really Important in a Democratic

A society that helps its own is a good society. A society that can take care of its own is a healthy society. A society that looks after its own is a sustainable society. In many regards, the symbiotic relationship between of citizens and the community benefits society as a whole.  Government benefit programs are not only important for helping people with financial difficulties, but also help the entire community.

Some people have difficultly functioning in society. People with disabilities, mental illnesses, orphans, and more. Others have difficultly from time to time. People who get laid off due to job relocation, who are lost after natural disasters, who have serious medical issues. What is the other option? Do we let people eat grass? Do we leave them on the streets? Government benefit programs exist to help people who temporarily can’t make ends meet or people who were born into certain situations.  These benefit programs are not just handouts. There also include valuable resources people can use to pull themselves back up. There are lots of job skills resources and assistance in getting a job in general. Every so often, people need a little extra help.

It is part of a citizen’s civil duty to help people who have less. As Americans, we are so lucky, many of us living in abundance, so we should help those in need anyways. It is our social obligation to assist people less fortunate. It is hard to remember sometimes, but not everyone is born into the same situation.  These situations some people are brought into are out of their control and governmental benefit programs help equalize these situations. One of most amazing things about America is that if someone gets knocked off their feet, we as a country will rally around and support them until they get back up. In other countries, if people are unemployed, homeless, or hungry, they are left in the gutters. It is one of our basic values as Americans: we help each other out.

As Americans, and as members of society, we must strive to better the common good. The lifting up of people with financial difficulties through government benefit programs lifts the common good. If every citizen is out for his or herself, then society risks falling into the trap of the Tragedy of the Commons. In this well-known theory, the citizens act independently, using only their own self-interest. This leads to a decline in the shared resources of society and its eventual decay. Government benefit programs are a way of preventing this problem.  Having individuals help each other out and connecting them in a way that they are all dependent on each other keeps society from falling into the tragedy. Giving back to and receiving from the community connects the community. It creates a shared bond between people. Because of the continuous and natural cycle of giving and receiving, the community will support itself indefinitely.

Something we can do to help the effectiveness is the not only support these programs financially but with our minds and thoughts. Being on assisted financial programs and stuck in financial difficulties feel like being in a rut. If people can believe they can get out of the rut, then they will.  Another thing that would help the effectiveness of these programs is find a way to dispel the stereotypes associated with the government benefit programs.. Right now, the common belief of people on welfare is that they are leeches taking advantage of taxpayer dollars. The system itself seems old and inefficient. Getting citizens to believe and to support in the programs would be a huge step in the right direction. One solution would be to make it easier to physically lend a hand. It would bring people closer together. Not only adult volunteers, but high school and younger. Starting to instill the idea of service to the common good would connect people on so many levels. It would bring hope and confidence to people on both sides. It is not an easy fix, but there are many ways to increase the success of these programs.
There are issues with the government benefit programs today, but the pros greatly outweigh the cons. Government benefit programs are advantageous to both its recipients and the community as a whole.

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